Elise Ritzel Miller

Modern Bridal Portrait - Elise Ritzel

Hello! My name is Elise Ritzel soon to be Elise Ritzel Miller. I am a Capricorn and my moon is in Aquarius. I'm an event coordinator and a dancer. I've lived in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn with my husband Nicholas Miller for 6 years now. We love the quiet of this neighborhood and hosting BBQ's in our back yard. Finding calmness and being able to enjoy fresh air in this city was important to us because we're both from the country in Pennsylvania so the more trees we can see from our back window, the better. 

So I didn't actually shoot your wedding, but I got to attend as a guest! Seriously bone chilling to witness. Instead, we did a photo shoot a week before the wedding of you in full bridal look. What were your thoughts leading up in that last week now that you had put the dress on and everything? 

There was almost a weight that was lifted off of my shoulders - something that I didn't know that I was necessarily feeling so it's hard to grasp what that means. But ultimately, being in my dress and having documentation of it the week before elevated pressure of getting the 'perfect' portrait the day of the wedding.


Besides being able to see how all the aesthetics came together, did you enjoy having that moment to yourself before the wedding?

Absolutely! It felt amazing to 'break in' my dress - to feel the fabric on my skin and to really get comfortable. Because I had this moment the week before, it didn't feel foreign putting on a gown the day of the wedding. And of course after viewing the stunning photographs you took, I couldn't help but feel beautiful and extremely confident going into my wedding week!

What was most important aspect to you about the wedding?

That it was treated as 'just another day' and the feeling of 'togetherness'. We love hosting parties and the community we bring together at home, so we basically wanted that feeling. To not only celebrate my & Nicholas's love but to celebrate each individual who was present. 

One moment that sticks out to you?

The 10 minutes that were our ceremony. My 5 senses were on overload and I will never forget the words that were shared, the fabric behind us blowing in the wind, the setting sun hitting my face and feeling incredibly grounded holding my partners hands.

Any advice for someone about to get married? 

1. If anything feels forceful or not right, just don't do it - it is most likely not meant to be.

2. Your wedding day can bring a lot of emotions out that you may not expect, so be sure to incorporate only the things you want and you can handle - don't let the wedding day get bigger than you.

3. Get everything done before the week of - you think you'll have time, but you won't.


Dress: Catherine Deane
Veil: Wayfarer Bride
Shoes: Calvin Klein

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