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Queen of the Night - Kathleen Littlefield

Hello hello! I'm Kathleen Littlefield, an actress who has lived in NYC for 10 years now and grew up in Atlanta, GA. I love to bake and am totally obsessed with dogs, especially French bulldogs.

My husband (!!! I still get so excited saying that) is Michael Pantozzi, an actor/writer who is a born & raised New Yorker! He's also obsessed with dogs, which is convenient, and watches a movie (either a short film or feature) every day.

What was most important aspect to you about the wedding day?

The most important aspect of the day was getting to marry Mike, but also being surrounded by our loved ones and having a party that captured the joy and energy of the day. And food! Mike & I love food, and having amazing, unique food that was also fun was really important.

You had a huge surprise come up on the morning of your wedding! What was it like having to change the entire course of your day at the last minute, and to go from one center stage to another?

Haha, we did! We fortunately had a little bit of forewarning, and so were able to let our month-of planner, vendor, caterer and brilliant photographer know 3 days before (Monday) that we might have to leave. They helped us come up with a game plan just in case, and we were incredibly lucky everyone involved went above and beyond. Then we sent an email to our guests, letting them in on the possibility and assuring them the wedding would go on no matter what, and drafted two emails for Thursday morning, depending on whether or not I was going on!

It really was a team effort - Lauren (our planner) worked on the alternate schedule with us, the caterers shifted when what foods would come out, and Amy Ryan (one of the stars of the play) said that you (Quyn) had to come to the theater if I went on, which meant you captured some of the craziest moments of the day!


Going from bride to performer was such an insane experience. It was all peaks - every time I thought I couldn't get any happier or more excited or grateful, I did. Though strangely, it was one of the smoothest transitions from real life to performance, because I had butterflies in my stomach all day long, instead of right before the play started!

Mike told me he had seen you perform a few days before, but the performance on night of your wedding had a completely different energy. Do you remember anything about that? 

When Mike saw me go on for the first time a week earlier, I felt much more nervous. I hadn't performed in front of an audience or with the main cast before, so I was much more focused on making sure I supported them and didn't throw them off by doing anything totally different or dropping any lines. The night of our wedding, I'd performed the show 8 times with the cast, and was much more confident in my handle on the show and my rapport with the other actors. It felt simultaneously freer and more grounded. Ben Rosenfield (the actor who played my character's brother) also appreciated that I had curly hair from the wedding, since he has curly hair and thought it made us look more like siblings!

Those moments are part of what make your wedding day unique, perfect and yours, not anyone else’s.

One moment that sticks out to you?

Oh, this is difficult. The day was filled with so many moments that were perfect. But the one that sticks out was the moment when Mike and I got back from the theater and walked into the venue - the roar of our family and friends cheering was amazing. We felt like we were at a rock concert, completely overwhelmed by love and joy and enthusiasm (and the tipsy energy from 4 hours of an open bar!).

One Night Cereus NYC Wedding.jpg

Do you have a favorite photo from the day?

This one, even though there are countless beautiful photos, is easy - the photo of Mike & I kissing while the F train pulled into the station to take us to the theater. It's perfect, and captures everything from that day in a single moment. It was the picture you sent us the next morning, and when I showed it to the cast & crew of the play Friday night, Richard Armitage (the other star of the play) said it was a photo he would blow up and hang in his living room, even if he had no idea what the story behind it was!

Any advice for someone about to get married?

Planning can be crazy, frustrating (guest list), fun, occasionally annoying (guest list!), a whirlwind, but in the end, it is absolutely amazing. Enjoy it, remain true to you and your partner and what you want the day to be (it's your wedding!) and know that no matter how perfectly you plan it, things will go wrong, and there will be nothing you can do. But honestly, those moments are part of what make your wedding day unique, perfect and yours, not anyone else's. You're going to love it, best of luck, and hire Quyn! (Not kidding - she's a genius) 


Wedding Vendors
Venue: The Green Building 
Caterer: The Raging Skillet
Month-of Coordinator: Your Wedding by Lauren
Hair & Makeup: Christy Smith
Dress: A family heirloom
Shoes: Kate Spade
DJ: Luke Santy

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Quyn Duong