A Roadside Proposal in Iceland

On the way to our flight home, Courtney wanted to pull over to take some photos on the side of the road one last time. As she's running to the top of the hill, Jackson leans into me to say, "I'm going to propose." Cue contained excitement and internal stream of thoughts. What?! Right now? Does he even have a ring? I should photograph this right? Right, ok, I'm about to photograph this moment. This is real. 

"Umm, one second, Courtney! We're going to get more cameras," we shout casually and not at all out of the ordinary; the trip had been filled with roadside shoots. Jackson and I run through a quick game plan for his cue. We'll come to learn that cues don't actually work in the moment. It just happens. 

We cross the road toward Courtney who brought a long taupe skirt that she's slipped on over her Converse and jeans. Hair and skirt blowing in the wind, it begins to lightly drizzle. We need to be at the airport soon. I take a few photos of them together. Hold hands. Look here. Look over there. Hug each other tight. The usual, but I'm waiting on Jackson's cue. He's waiting for my next direction. "Ok now just look at each other."

It may seem grand because, well, "We got engaged on the rolling hills of Iceland," isn't doesn't exactly sound casual. But the moment couldn't have felt more spontaneous and real.