One Moment in 17 Frames

December 15th, 2017. The morning Kathleen received a call from work that she'd be required to perform on stage that evening. Also, her wedding day. The plan was straightforward: resume the wedding ceremony as planned, then hop on the F train to Rockefeller Center. 

Having just come from sealing their vows, adrenaline and anticipation for the next event were in high gear. I wanted an image of them with the passing train, but I never could've asked for the resulting image to come. The direction was simple, "be really still when it passes." Then Mike took it to the next level by pulling her in close, and by sheer luck of timing, perfectly framed within the subway doors. 

It just takes one image to tell the story. Read about it on the New York Times

Classic NYC Wedding Photography - One Night Cereus
Quyn Duong