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The New York Times

"At 6 P.M., Married. At 7:30 P.M., Onstage."

"Kathleen Littlefield and Michael Pantozzi were married Dec. 15 at 6 p.m in Brooklyn. Twenty minutes after the ceremony, they were leaving the Green Building through a tunnel of 135 guests. Ms. Littlefield, called to perform as an understudy, was due to appear onstage for the 7:30 play “Love, Love, Love” at the Roundabout Theater."

Kathleen and Mike's story was also published in print on Sunday, January 8th, 2017 in the Styles section of the New York Times.

H&H Weddings

"Jessica + Theresa: A Brooklyn Bash"

Our first encounter happened in a New York City nightclub. We definitely knew we wanted to throw a real party. We valued the energy more than the esthetic; however we chose a beautiful venue. The entire ceremony and reception were such a dream. We spoke the truest words we have ever said to one another in front of all our loved one and then celebrated until they kicked us out. It was a rush of love, adrenaline and beauty."

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Rangefinder Magazine

"Short & Sweet"

While most weddings keep photographers going all day, Duong only had a couple hours total to capture it all. Still, she says, "I instantly felt like I'd known them forever, especially after hearing their vows and getting to know each of their guests. You could tell there was a lot of thought and love put into it."



"Poetic Moments"

"Her portfolio unfolds like classic literature. Think moody frames in warm hues; shots that capture raw emotions and relive the most touching of moments. Duong uses cinematic lighting and atmospheric touches to explore the beauty in the simplicity of love, and romance in moments that go unnoticed."



Rangefinder Magazine

"Summer Camp Romance"

Neela and Chris's summer camp wedding at Windsor Mountain International Camp in New Hampshire was featured as Rangefinder Magazine's wedding of the week. Camper welcome kits, jumping bonfires, late night experiments, everything you need to throw a wedding in the woods.

Shot for Chellise Michael Photography


Catalyst Wedding Co. 

"6 Ways to Reduce Anxiety & Stay Present on Your Wedding Day"

Dear Quyn,

Our wedding is just around the corner, and everything’s starting to pile up! We’re nervous, stressed, and, worst of all, worried that all of this anxiety is going to show up in our photos. How do we stay sane throughout all of this?

Bundle of Nerves


Green Wedding Shoes

"Brooklyn Meets Upstate Wedding" 

To announce the opening of Hasbrouck House, we were the first group to shoot inside the newly renovated 17th century Dutch Colonial mansion turned boutique hotel. Produced by Starling on Bond, this photo shoot was inspired by the low key vibe of a Brooklyn wedding set in a historic upstate New York property.

"The inn was flooded with sunlight as the couple got ready together and listened to 70s love tunes… It was truly magical. We really wanted to bring an air of merriment and joy to the design by keeping things simplistic in form; letting your spirit shine and making the night only be about love is key to a truly wonderful wedding!" 

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Style Me Pretty

"Romantic Summer Wedding at Brooklyn Botanic Garden"

"While the florals are beautiful and the bridesmaids dresses beyond gorgeous, what really grabbed my attention and has yet to let go, are the abundance of amazing moments. Emotions pouring out of every one of Nicki Sebastian and Quyn Duong's pics and I feel like I not only know this cute couple, but that I’m one of these best friends. There is so much genuine joy and if I could, I’d join in every single one of these hugs."

Shot for Nicki Sebastian

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Riley & Grey

"A 'Feminimal' Brooklyn Bridal Shoot"

"The same-sex portrait series is soft without being overly sentimental. What's more, the styling, by a handful of Brooklyn’s best wedding vendors located just a few blocks from each other, accomplishes  a feminine feel free of the excess adornments and girly-gauche vibe that potentially plagues bridal photography.

How do you maintain sophistication and tradition with just enough edge, all while avoiding the trap of cheesy troupes? It’s a wire most engaged or married couples must walk at some point, but you know what certainly helps? A great photographer."

Quyn Duong