Dumbo Loft Wedding | Brienne + Tim

This was a hot and sweaty one. Was it the middle of July, hot as hell heat wave? Or the nervous sweat of anticipation to see one another at the aisle? Maybe it was the crowdsurfers. Who's to say, really? Either way, Brienne & Tim were surrounded by friends and family who had flown in from New Zealand and around the world ready to celebrate hard. 

Instead of having a traditional reception, Tim and Brienne threw a little mini music festival, if you will, starring none of than Tim himself with his former Grammy-nominated band, Steriogram. Is there really any better time to bring the band back together than at your own wedding? They burned the roof right off of Dumbo Loft followed by Streets of Laredo and Mt Eden which kept the party running all night long.

One of my favorite details? Her two-piece crop top dress. Thanks Chaz Cruz for having me along this one!

NYC, WeddingQuyn Duong