Metropolitan Building Wedding | Sam + Jon

Get ready to FEEL. Every time I look through Sam & Jon's wedding, I find myself smiling like a doofus in love by the end of it, and it's not even my wedding. From a lively morning with the guys, to Jon's reaction to seeing Sam for the first time, to that final moment where he gives her a look that says, "Okay.. I trust you with that spongey handful of icing you've got there.." You can feel it all. I can still remember how the floor shook as all their guests flooded the dance floor and each of the laughs between the toasts.

And of course, one of my very favorite photos of Jon throwing up his hand right as he's lifted up in the hora. Man.. I may have been elbowed a few times during this one, but it was so worth it. Thank you so much to Nicki Sebastian for having me with her on this one!