NYC Elopement: Donna + Alex

Donna and Alex were about to set off on a Great American Road Trip, kicking it off by eloping on a rooftop overlooking New York City. They made their way across the country before heading back home to Australia.

“We want our photos to scream New York.”

To me this meant photos that feel like the chaos of falling in love with New York. Street lights, rooftops, moments of total anonymity in seas of people. New York comes alive at night. So I threw around the idea of having the ceremony at sunset, then taking photos as the night goes on.

Half the ceremony in sunshine and 95° heat, half with the storm clouds rolling in. Not once through the heat and winds and drizzle, and even the East River waves crashing in, did Donna & Alex ever stop laughing at the near absurdity of it all. Was this night even real?

(PS. Thanks for sharing your first meal as travel buddies for life with your photo + video team! We love you guys forever).

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