Iceland Proposal | Courtney + Jackson

Last summer, I spontaneously booked a trip to Iceland to attend a photography workshop. I didn't know any of the attendees, but was fortunate to get to know Courtney and Jackson over the course of the week. We camped by waterfalls and glacial lakes, followed GPS coordinates to hidden hot springs, and went horseback riding through the Icelandic countryside. All very picturesque. 

On the way to our flight home, Courtney wanted to take photos on the side of the road one last time. As she's running to the top of the hill, Jackson leans into me to say, "I'm going to propose." Cue contained excitement and internal frenzy. What?? Oh right, I'm supposed to photograph this right?? That's what I'm here for? 

"Uhh one second Courtney, I need to switch lenses!"

Jackson and I quickly pow wow at the car and run through a game plan for his cue. Tip: cues don't actually work in the moment. It just happens.

I start taking a few photos of them together. Hold hands. Look here. Look over there. Hug each other tight. The usual, but I'm waiting on Jackson's cue. He's waiting for my next direction. "Ok now just look at each other."