Saigon, Vietnam: Ming + Han

Ming & Han invited me to hear their story over Korean BBQ in the East Village, so obviously I fell in love with them as quickly as they had with each other. Of all places in the world, Ming & Han got married 10 minutes from where my parents got married. So happy these two found each other in this small world (and found me on the big internet!)

On New Year’s Eve, family gathered at the house Han grew up in in Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon as we still call it) for the traditional tea ceremony. Taking photos in the narrow alleys of her neighborhood were filled with peekaboo special guests including motorbikes, chickens, and bà già.

The next day, we kicked off the new year with an intimate American-style ceremony for 50 of their friends who flew in from all over the world, followed by a classic 10 course Vietnamese meal for nearly 250 more guests.

(Enjoy this preview for now.. more to come)