Summer Camp Wedding | Neela + Chris

"He tried to jump the bonfire," she said, as we questioned why Chris was still in full wedding gear (save for the flattened boutonni√®re) the morning after their wedding. She had thrown a cozy sweater on over her silk dress. 

But I guess that's what happens at a summer camp wedding.

When we arrived, we picked up our camp map and welcome mugs, then found our way to the main site where friends and family were all hands on deck helping to bring Neela and Chris's vision together. And soon enough, the wedding in the woods was ready. Although we may have gotten lost on the walk from the cabin to the ceremony site, Chris was waiting so patiently at the foot of the lake, anxious to see his lady.

This wedding in particular was so creatively inspiring, all thanks to their willingness to trust us with some fun ideas. Like standing still in a cold dark field while we ran around them with a light stick. Thanks again for that one :)! 

Neela and Chris's wedding was picked as Rangefinder Magazine's Wedding of the Week! Read our interview after the photos. Big thanks to Chellise Michael Photography for sending me and Daniel on this one!


What was it like shooting this wedding in particular?
Neela and Chris trusted us with full creative freedom to do our thing. It's always fun for us as wedding photographers to get a little experimental, and they trusted everything we were doing. They were the perfect client: laid back, in love, and down to party. 

What challenges did you encounter and how did you overcome them? 
We've been playing with the Pixelstick for late night light painting. It was pretty damn cold outside, but Neela and Chris were major troopers and let us run around in a cold, dark field with them. 

What was it about this wedding/couple/experience that was particularly memorable/distinctive?
Similar answer to the one above. They trusted us. And they treated us like guests and not vendors, which changes the whole vibe of the day. 

Anything else you'd like to add?
At brunch the next morning, they were still in full wedding attire and a sweater, so we did an impromptu "morning after" shoot. 


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