501 Union Wedding: Peter + Eric

We kicked off the 2018 season with Peter and Eric at 501 Union.. and well.. they've kind of set the bar for the rest of the year / rest of our lives. So we're gonna kick off this blog post with what might be the highlight of the night: Peter on the floor... 3 times. You can thank Madonna, Footloose, and Britney for these. 

Okay so now for the rest of the day. Peter & Eric got ready together at the 1 Hotel, just the two of them, helping each other get dressed and prepare mentally (aka.. let it all gooooo), then we took a little walk around Dumbo before meeting up with the wedding party and family at 501 Union. Instantly faces were lighting up and tears were already dropping.. and it just never ended the rest of the night. 

Venue: 501 Union
Caterer: Elemental Catering
Decor + DOC: Flo NY Events
Music: Music to the Max
Cake: Mini Melanie
Photobooth: Hipstr
Shoes: Common Projects
Shirts: Commes des Garcons
2nd Shooter: Sarah Kusz